Updated T&C’s for the lab

Another goal for this year: we will be updating our term and conditions to make it absolutely clear that when animals are tested at our lab, everyone who contributes to that process has a right to access the results. That’s the owner, the breed society (where relevant) and us. No one will be denied access to result for their own horse. Historical and orphaned data will be available in cases where the breed society no longer exists, or the owner and horse have died.

Did you know that most breed societies own the parentage profiles that are done through the society? This means that even though you paid for the testing, you can’t have a copy of the results, unless the breed society gives you one. We don’t think that’s fair, so that’s not the way our lab works.

You can test via our lab site www.praticalhorsegenetics.com.au or check out our blog site for loads of info on horse colours and genetic conditions horse.practicalhorsegenetics.com.au

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