Muscle disease test validation study

Dr. Molly’s McCue’s Equine Genetics and Genomics Laboratory at the University of Minnesota is conducting a study to further analyse the genetics of muscle diseases – such as PSSM2 and others – in horses, and how diet and exercise might impact clinical symptoms.

The development and marketing of genetic tests based only on predicted effects of the allele on a protein, with incomplete research and evidence, has important implications and consequences.

False assignment of alleles as disease-causing and commercialization of genetic tests that are incompletely validated can have severe consequences for horses, horse owners and veterinarians and can result in incorrect diagnosis and prognosis, inappropriate treatment and management of affected individuals, poor breeding decisions, and a loss of public confidence in genetic testing and genetic research.

If you have a horse with a suspected or confirmed muscle disease, please consider participating in their study. Your participation will help in gaining a better understanding of muscle disease in the horse and how to best treat and manage them.

For more information about the study, please visit their study website.

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