More on SW3

One of the tests we are working on at the moment is Splashed White 3 (SW3). When that’s up and running we will have the full SW1/SW2/SW3 set!

SW3 horse TD Kid
TD Kid. Photos from

Our SW3 test is nearly ready to go, but we’d love a sample from a real SW3 horse as a final confirmation that the test is working perfectly. We know that there are lots of horses out there with splash markings that aren’t SW1 or SW2; what we are after is horses with splashed white markings that are descended from TD Kid (born in 2001 in the USA).

TD Kid is thought to be the founder of the SW3 gene. If TD Kid is not in your horse’s pedigree, they are unlikely to have the SW3 gene.

If you have a horse that descended from TD Kid that you know or suspect might be SW3 positive, please get in touch as we would love a sample.

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