Mystery solved June 2018
This filly has a very light belly and flanks, and is light on the back of the legs too. She does not have an obvious dorsal stripe or frosting.

This one is a common question: buckskin or not? This filly’s coat varies from season to season. We’ve tested her for agouti, red/black, cream and dun/d1 (nd1) to find out.

Responses on this one were roughly equal for buckskin vs. not buckskin.

For this particular filly, genetic testing results showed that she is NOT buckskin. Her agouti and red/black results were ‘A a‘ and ‘E e‘, but she was negative for cream. She was however positive for d1 (nd1), with two copies.

Another view of her flanks and tail

This is not the way we’ve seen d1 (nd1) look before. There’s no obvious dorsal stripe, and no indication of frosting. However it is possible that her lighter-than-usual coat is at least partly due to the effect of two copies of this gene.

She has a light nose and face on what is overall quite a dark brown body.
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