NEW TEST! Gaited horses

Most horses move using the classic walk, trot, canter and gallop paces. Gaited horses often have additional paces. There are a wide range of additional paces, including the tölt, running walk, rack, paso fino (classic fino), paso corto, paso largo, paso ilano, sobreandando, and fox trot.

Horses with one or more copies of the ‘A’ allele in this test are often able to use additional gaits. It is not a guarantee however – horses can carry the ‘A’ allele and still show no additional gaits. That is why we classify this test as a genetic marker (ie. strongly associated with additional gaits) rather than a causative genetic variant.

Our Lateral gait marker test is up and running. You can find it under the Good Moves menu on our website. The test is $49 (Inclusive of the processing fee); if you have tested a horse with us previously, running the test on your horse’s samples will only cost $9. (Photo: Ambling Iceland pony during World Championship. (Photo: Monika Reissmann)

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