OAAM testing coming soon

At the moment our Arabian panel disorder includes three tests: CA, LFS and SCID. We are planning to add another one for a disorder called OAAM.

OAAM is a bone problem affecting the two vertebrae closest to the skull. Affected horses can might carry their head in an unusual position and be reluctant to move it or twist their neck. It can also affect the coordination of the horse, with signs ranging from mild weakness to the inability to stand (wobblers). The scientific paper describing the mutation causing this disorder says that some affected foals may be found dead at birth.

A typical feature of OAAM in living horses is an audible click when the horse flexes its neck, as well as reluctance to move their neck.

A test was developed at UC Davis for one form of OAAM, designated OAAM1.

OAAM1 looks like it is an autosomal recessive disorder. Autosomal disorders are equally likely to affect male or female horses, while “recessive” means that a horse needs to inherit the OAAM mutation from both its sire and its dam to be affected. The carrier parents may show no sign of this problem.

You can read more about OAAM here

If you have seen OAAM in a pure or part-bred Arabian let us know.

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