Meet Kylie!!

These pictures are of our newest worker in our lab: “Kylie”. Kylie is a 3D printer! Kylie comes with stunning green glasses as this season’s key accessory.

(Actually they’re safety goggles that filter out UV wavelengths – yes kids, it’s true – a real life use for something you studied in high-school physics!)

For the scientists out there, we have opted for a resin printer rather than a filament printer for a couple of reasons:

  1. Producing water-tight containers is easier with resin
  2. You can get resins that produces a cured product with a high enough melt point that it won’t distort around 100C
  3. It’s got a laser, which is awesome

We are planning to make custom equipment for electrophoresis, custom tube racks and good looking pipette stands.

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