Free Testing Offers March 2018

We’re going to do three concurrent free testing offers. But don’t get too excited yet – not all horses and ponies are eligible.

In order to be eligible, each horse or pony needs to be a carrier of the particular trait that we are working on.

Carriers are defined as horses that have been previously tested as carriers or horses that have had affected foals.

The three traits we are working on are:

1. Connemara Hoof Wall Separation Disease (

2. Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome (

3. Miniature Dwarfism (

Our way of saying thank-you for helping us out with carrier samples is giving you free genotyping: choose any of our coat colour tests and we will run them for free on the sample you provide.

We will also give you a discount code to use for future testing of other horses.

Please contact us if you have a horse or pony with one of the above conditions

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