We need samples from horses with chromosomal abnormalities

Chromosomal abnormalities can cause untreatable infertility and happen in all horse and pony breeds. We are looking a few different technologies so that you can test your horse or pony for chromosomal abnormalities without needing to send samples overseas.

The most common type of chromosomal abnormality in horses is Turners Syndrome, where mares have just one X chromosome instead of the normal two (XX). Mares (and it’s only mares) with Turners Syndrome are usually small with poor conformation and are infertile. We would love to have samples from a couple of mares with Turners Syndrome to make sure we can detect it.

The next most common chromosomal abnormality is sex reversal, where a horse that looks like a mare is genetically male (ie. has X and Y chromosomes) or vice versa. These horses are infertile too. Their internal genitalia is generally abnormal. We have one horse like this in our archives (apparently female, genetically male) but would like more to include in our testing.

There are more types of chromosomal abnormalities as well: for example autosomal translocations and full or partial autosomal trisomy. Horses with these chromosomal abnormalities are far rarer. Autosomal trisomy is analogous to Down Syndrome in humans. It would be amazing to get a sample from one or more horses like this too.

If you think you can help out please drop us a message.

News Reporter